Blockchain Professional (CBP)

Course Description

To support the growing demand for skilled Blockchain professionals, IIB Council introduces the Certified Blockchain Professional (C|BP) Training and Certification Program for Developers and Business Technology Professionals.

The course aims to bring practicioners up to speed with the industry requirements while forming the global standards in the Blockchain Industry, one of the fastest growing disciplines.

Blockchain, the cornerstone of a decentralization strategy, is a distributed database that is replicated across multiple nodes to enable immutable, permanent, transparent, and secure record-keeping transactions. Essentially Blockchain is a self-regulated data storage and data transaction validation system.

The C|BP course provides a 100% hands-on thorough overview of blockchain technology and its implemetation to the real world. The C|BP Certification consists of three knowledge and competency areas in Blockchain Technology: Develoment, Implemetation and Strategy.

During the course students will not only be exposed to multiple blockchain implementation concepts but they will also be immersed to a unique guideline for sustainable and scalable blockchain development with the use of quantum resistant ledgers.

• Business Tech Executives (2 days training, no exam, certificate of attendance)

• Government Tech Officials (1 day training, no exam, certificate of attendance)

• Full Stack Developers (5 days training, exams)

• Basic understanding of cryptocurrencies (Prefered)

• Basic exposure in programming languages (Required)

• Experience with Bitcoin and Ether (Preferred)

• Development Ecosystem Agnostic

• Technology Agnostic

• Network Agnostic

• 360° Approach

• International Standards

• Global Certification

• Worldwide Recognition

• Hand on Training

• Thorough understanding of cryptography and cryptocurrencies, Distributed ledgers, decentralization and smart contracts.

• Ability to build powerful and highly secure, decentralized applicationsusing Ethereum to create smart contracts and facilitate trusted in-app transactions.

• Ability to provide innovative solutions to solve industry adoption and scalability issues.

• Online: via iClass

• Onsite: via Authorized Training Partners

• Customized: via Authorized Training Partners

• Exam title: The Certified Blockchain Professional

• Exam code: IIB-503

• Number of Questions: 100

• Duration: 3 Hours

• Passing Score: 70%

• Availability: ECC Exam Portal

• Test Format: Multiple Choice

CBP Domains

PHASE 1 - Development

Day 1
(Available in the 5 days training)

  • Blockchain Fundamentals - Introduction
    Theoretical; Introduction to Cryptography, Coding, Programming Languages for Blockchain
  • Blockchain Technology Development - Cryptocurrency
    Technical/Practical; Networks and Ecosystems Development, Tool manuals

PHASE 2 - Implementation

Day 2-3-4
(Available in the 5 days training and partially in the 2 days training)

  • Blockchain Solutions Implementation - Bitcoin
    Tactical/Operational; Project Management, Step-by-Step Guides, Various Use Cases
  • Blockchain Industry Adoption - Ethereum/Hyperledger
    Strategic/Contextual; Technology, Integration, Various Case Studies
  • Blockchain and Digital Transformation
    Analytical; AI, ML, IoT, Cyber Security, Change Management

PHASE 3 - Strategy

Day 5
(Available in all training durations)

  • Blockchain Governance, Compliance & Regulation - Amenability
    Understanding of the legal implications and the overall risks of the technology
  • Blockchain Sustainability - Scalability
    Bonus Chapter; Resource Management, Eco-friendly Vs Energy-intense block mining, alternative approaches

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