Project Management | CPM

Course Description

The Certified Project Management | CPM program enables students to obtain immediately implementable knowledge on leading project teams, directing project processes and delivering project results within the constraints of schedule, budget, resources and management expectations.


Gain Analytical Skills
You’ll learn how to process raw and unstructured data and how to provide insights that impact your business decisions


Gain Tactical Skills
Learn when and how to apply certain methodologies in your projects for guaranteed success

The CPM program is specifically tailored to full-stack developers.

We designed the CBP Course to help full-stack developers get a comprehensive and complete understanding of blockchain from the fundamentals of how the technology works to advanced application and implementation strategies.

Course outline

  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Project Scope & Technology Integration
  • Project Scheduling & Time Management
  • Project Cost and Budget Management
  • Project Sourcing & Vendor Management
  • Project Controls & Quality Assurance
  • Project Opportunity & Risk Management
  • Project Governance & Team Management
  • Project Visualization, Analytics & Reporting
  • Project Stakeholder Engagement & Expectations Management

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