CA and PKI Services

Turn-key world class secure solutions for PKI systems

Our comprehensive CA solutions provide a whole range of CA functionality for issuing and managing certificates.

You will be able to issue and manage all functions related to various digital certificates (issuance, suspension, reinstation, revocation). Controll status information about the certificates (valid, suspended, revoked) in Certificate Revocation List (CRL) and online certificate status information by using OCSP.

Our scalable and redundant timestamp server application is able to receive timestamp requests and issue timestamps through HTTP/HTTPS protocol by using username/password or PKI certificate based authentication.

The software components of our solutions meet the international industry requirements, standards, specifications and protocols.

Supported operating systems:

PKI Services

Using our turn-key solution you can operate a certificate authority (CA) and thus provide digital certificates.

Our solution has modules provides both qualified certificates for electronic signatures, and advanced (non-qualified) certificates for advanced electronic signatures, encryption, user authentication, etc.

You can operate a time stamping authority that provides qualified timestamps that can prove that a certain document existed at a given time. Our solution also supports creation of PDF signatures.

Localization services

An implementation of our CA solution to ASEAN requires the following activities:

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